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PDF Sewing Patterns

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Sweetgrass Meadow
Baby Booties
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Sweetgrass Meadow, Baby Bootie Sewing Pattern, is a 6 page PDF Download containing 5 different sizes for preemie and newborn babies with feet 2" in length up to 4". (52mm to 102mm)


*Please note: The pattern sizes are based on measurements. Please measure your baby's feet to determine the size you should make. The largest size is equivalent to an infant's size 1. Your baby could reach this size in 3 months or 12 months, thus I state up to 12 months. Measure!

There are only 3 pattern pieces that make it nice and easy, the top, the ribbing, and the sole. It also comes with complete illustrated instructions.

This is a soft cute lil' bootie sock. It uses ribbing at the ankle. It won't mark your baby's delicate skin, and it will stay on.

It takes a separate lining fabric. I prefer to use white or pastel cotton interlock.

There are several options for finishing touches such as ribbons, roses bows or you can leave them plain for the lil' guys.

Great for baby dolls too.