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PDF Sewing Patterns

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Baby Bootie Book
Baby Booties
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My Baby Bootie Sewing Pattern Book is a PDF DIGITAL FILE 

This book includes all 5 of my original baby bootie sewing patterns with directions and illustrated instructions. These patterns show that baby bootie making is simplicity itself.
Save 1/2 off the listed price of each pattern, by purchasing them in this ebook.

Each style includes 5 sizes from preemie up to about 9-12 months. (4-inch foot length. (52mm to 102mm) *Please note: The pattern sizes are based on measurements. Please measure your baby's feet to determine the size you should make. The largest size is equivalent to infants size 1. Your baby could reach this size in 3 months or 12 months, thus I state up to 12 months. Measure!

All the patterns are designed to be made from soft knit fabrics. With the exception of style #4, this can be made from any type of fabric.

All of these soft cute lil' booties are to be made with the elastic sandwiched between the layers at the ankle so it doesn't mark your baby's delicate skin (except #5 which has ribbing), and they will stay on.

The patterns may also be used for baby doll booties.

#1 Willow River Baby Bootie Pattern, is a simple pull-on style baby sock type pattern.
It has only 3 pattern pieces: a top, a back, and a sole. It is self-lining.

#2 Asparas Dreams, Baby Bootie Pattern, is a two-tone pull-on style baby shoe pattern.

It has an inset in the front that can either contrast your main fabric or be made to match.
There are only 3 pattern pieces: a top, an inset and a sole.

#3 Thistledown, Baby Bootie Pattern, is a wrap-a-round style baby bootie pattern.

This baby bootie pattern is all one piece. It wraps around your lil' baby' ankle and snaps in the front with 2 adjustable snap placements. It takes a separate lining fabric.

#4 Terra Verde TV Baby Bootie Pattern, is a tie-on style baby bootie pattern.

This lil' bootie is reminiscent of the "TV" bootie that was "in Vogue" in the '70s.
There are only 3 pattern pieces (for the main pattern), the top, the back, and the sole. It uses a separate lining fabric.
The NEW PINWHEEL QUILT DESIGN is now included in every pattern. *It has additional pattern pieces. Also included are directions to make RAGGY BABY BOOTIES in a pinwheel design.

#5 Sweetgrass Meadow, Baby Bootie Pattern, is a cuffed pull-on style baby bootie sock pattern.

It uses ribbing at the ankle. The bootie won't mark your baby's delicate skin, and it will stay on.
It takes a separate lining fabric. I prefer to use white or pastel cotton interlock that match.

For all Patterns:
Additional trims may be purchased or handmade for finishing touches such as; lil' roses, ribbons and bows, etc. or shoelaces for the lil' guys. Or you can leave them plain to show off your favorite fabric. Any way you make them, you'll love these lil' booties.

You save quite a bit over the single pattern price by buying them in the book.