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Asparas Dreams
Baby Booties

Asparas Dreams, Baby Bootie Sewing Pattern is an Instant PDF Download pattern containing 5 different sizes for preemie and newborn babies with feet 2" in length up to 4". (52mm to 102mm)


*Please note: The pattern sizes are based on measurements. Please measure your baby's feet to determine the size you should make. The largest size is equivalent to infants size 1. Your baby could reach this size in 3 months or 12 months, thus I state up to 12 months. Measure!

{Fairy Folklore: Asparas are also known as sky-dancers. There are both male and female Asparas. They bless humans at important stages in their lives. They live in fig trees and sometimes appear to scholars or scientists, making sure they don't venture into areas that the spirit world deems unfit. They are different from Apsaras, the female spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, but may be related.}

There are only 3 pattern pieces to make it nice and easy: a top, an inset, and a sole. It also comes with complete illustrated instructions.

This is a new designer baby bootie pattern designed to be made of soft knit fabrics.

This soft cute lil' bootie has elastic between the layers at the ankle so it doesn't mark your baby's delicate skin, and it will stay on.

You can also use it for baby doll booties.

This lil' bootie has an inset in the front that helps to shape the bootie. The inset can either contrast your main fabric or be made from it.

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