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 My focus has been on my family since my first child was born in 1975. I never could get enough pictures of my children, especially as they got older and had their own lives.

 The top right picture was taken 7-4-2013. Since then every attempt to get another family picture was missing someone. My next to the youngest son, Harrison passed away 7-1-2020 from a seizure. He started having them when he was 14 and they kept getting progressively worse. They said it was a seizure disorder with no known cause or cure.

 He was 27 1/2.

 The center-right picture was taken 7-4-2020 and was very difficult for everyone. The bottom right is from 2019. 

 The bottom left is us trying to cope with our grief from his loss and the big hole he has left in our hearts and lives.


 Lil' Baby Thangs was started in 1998 as a way to start my life over after a divorce, by living my passion and as a way to help support myself and my 8 children. Having made most of their clothes as they grew up, I designed a lot of patterns.

 Since I started out with a preemie, I'm focusing on those patterns, beginning with booties. This gave me a way to focus on getting my designs perfected, published, and available to others who have a preemie or sew for preemies and babies of all sizes. This project is taking a lot longer to accomplish than expected... because my family comes first... and I get sidetracked easily with other projects.

 Most of my patterns are designed for cotton knit fabric or other stretch fabric.


Carolyn West