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Breathable Lacey Face "Flace" Masks

Breathable “Flace” Masks


Are you having lung problems, asthma, and/or other breathing issues...

Do you want to be able to breathe and talk while being required to wear a face-covering in public?


I started out making Lace masks (face panties) for my husband and me. Other people seeing our masks wanted them too for the same reasons but needed them to be more subtle. So, I found other fabrics to make them out of.


The masks are made from nylon/metallic lame' (lɑːˈmeɪ or lah-MAY) type fabrics for bling, cotton or polyester knit pique, polyester athletic mesh knit, polyester and nylon lace, loose knits, and whatever else I can find that you can breathe through. I use fold-over elastic (FOE) for all the edges and ear-loops.


They are one size, but each color of elastic stretches differently when sewn. I recommend that you wash, and air dry your mask before using it for the elastic to tighten up. If your mask is too tight after this, wet the ear-loops again and stretch them (possibly around a mug) while they dry.


Care: Hand or Machine wash cool delicate, No chlorine bleach, Line dry.

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